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3 Essential Training Tips

The following are tips offered from Cleto Reyes, pioneering champions since 1945.

You can find a lot of tips when it comes to training, how to move, how many reps, what exercises are better. But they are some essential tips that all athletes must follow and practice. And guess what? They are really easy!

Tip 1: SLEEP

You have to make sure you are resting and sleeping enough. Your muscles need to recover from training, if you don’t sleep you can lose concentration, endurance and much more the next day you are training.


Eating well doesn’t mean eating a lot! It means you have to eat the right things to keep your body balanced and healthy. Having a good nutrition helps you in everything not only in your training. If you eat well you will have the necessary energy for your workouts.


Training is not easy, if you want to accomplish changes or certain goals you need to have consistency and focus on the right things. Distractions can occur very easily and not help you get where you want. Set your mind and motivate yourself.

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