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Hykso Punch Tracker Update

The following is an update from Hykso.

For more information for Hykso Punch Trackers, make sure to visit their website –  https://www.hykso.com/v2/ or visit their facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/hyksoinc/

For the last few months, we have been working hard to develop our next product. The Hykso Gym solution will allow trainers and coaches to take our technology to the next level. Whether they want to see the live stats of two people sparring or create a whole new experience for a 20-people cardio boxing class, trainers will now be able to leverage Hykso’s technology and make it happen.

Connect multiple people, between 2 to even 40, at the same time on a giant screen to create a healthy competition against friends!

Approximately a dozen gyms have now secured their spot to get the product when we first release it. However, it is not too late to make sure you get your hands on the technology as soon as possible. Check out the video below to see the benefits of the Hykso gym experience.

Hykso Android App Update

We have recently updated the Android App. Here are the features we have developed for this release. You now have the ability to:

  • Export your own training sessions and crunch the data to build your own stats.
  • Add a picture to your sessions.
  • Share your drills so everyone can realise how awesome you are!

We’ve also crushed minor bugs and fixed performance issues along the way to make sure your experience with the app is as good as it can be.