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New Bushido Website is Finally Here!

We have finally launched our new website! It’s been a hard few months of brainstorming, building, testing, revising and then repeating the steps all over again. Plenty of emails, phone calls and discussions later, here we are proud to present our finished product. It has been a roller coaster ride but the result is well worth it. Our aim was always to create a user friendly platform for our new as well as returning customers. Sleek, straightforward, contemporary and trustworthy are adjectives that we wanted our new website to embody and we hope these are reflected in our customers’ shopping experience of our website. The platform utilized is more advanced than our previous site, which allows us be up-to-date on plugins and also features more high definition graphics and videos. Whether it is searching by the various top name brands we carry, or shopping via martial arts style, we hope our website suits your needs and wants.

We want to thank each and every customer for their loyalty and trust in Bushido during this process. As we are combing through and refining any last minute issues, we want to thank our customers for their patience. We hope you enjoy the site as much as we do! Happy surfing!

The Bushido Family