A Bo, bong (Korean) or Gun (Chinese) is a 5 to 6 ft long staff weapon (other staff-related weapons are the Jo which is 4 ft. long) used in most martial arts styles (Asian and Western) as the primary or first weapon taught.

The Bo is usually made with hard wood, such as red or white oak, although rattan has been used. The Bo may be tapered in that it can be thicker in the center than at the ends and usually round or circular. The size and type of staff wielded is usually determined by the style of art and the height of the person.

Although the bō is now used as a weapon, its use is believed by some to have evolved from the long stick (tenbin) which was used to balance buckets or baskets. Typically, one would carry baskets of harvested crops or buckets of water or milk or fish etc., one at each end of the tenbin, which is balanced across the middle of the back at the shoulder blades.

Bo staff cases are supplied to transport bo’s and keep them protected while in transport or storage. Bo staff cases can also help to keep moisture off the Bo staff.

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