Tips From The Pro's

The 3-Step “Target Obliteration” Method!

Confidence is CRUCIAL to winning any battle you face, whether it’s a confrontation with a street thug, a manipulator, or a hostile co-worker. If they weaken your confidence, they weaken your ability to follow-through on your intentions.

I have a 3-step method I want to share with you for mastering your confidence and winning a fight. It’s called “The Target Obliteration Method”

You can use this for anything!

1. Get Kissing Close: In a lethal street attack, you either want to be miles away (escape if you can), or be “kissing close” (if you can’t escape) – close enough to destroy the attacker with head-butts, knees to the groin, and a barrage of smashes to the face and throat.

2. Aim Hard (smash THROUGH the target): Don’t smash the nose, smash through the nose to the back of the attacker’s head. The “aim hard” principle multiplies your force! When you aim hard, you go much farther than you would have otherwise – in any goal!

3. Relinquish Attachment to The Outcome: This is the secret “Fear-Destroyer.     “When you’re too attached to something, it hinders your free movement and tactical ability. But the moment you relinquish your attachment to the outcome, you are freer to move and act with tactical aggression, rather than fear and hesitation. It also makes you a much more Dangerous and effective opponent in any field, because when you’re not afraid of losing, you are no longer slowed down by self-doubt and even a moment’s hesitation (which can cost you your life in a lethal attack!)

Yours in Martial Arts,

Scott Bolan