What payment methods do we accept?

We accept master card, visa and cash or debit in store.

Which Martial Art gym should I join?

Very good question, but one not easily answered as you would imagine. Each gym and style of martial art will offer you something that the other doesn’t. The one main thing that they all have in common is that the majority of clubs and gym’s will offer you free trial memberships to view their facility and take part in the regular class. Remember to ask frequent questions and talk to the other students about the club. Do this until you find which style or club suits your needs the best.

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Should I order online or shop at a physical store?

Shopping online does have it’s benefits if you know exactly what to look for or how that particular item fits you. In most cases, though an individual will need assistance to purchase the correct item. Not every uniform or boxing glove fits each customer the same. If you’re not familiar with an item the best option for you is visit your local Martial art specific store and ask a professional for help to ensure you are sized up properly and comfortable at the same time.

How do I wash my uniform?

Most uniform manufacturers will have specific washing details on the inside of the uniform. If there is not one there the basic rule of thumb is cold water wash and hang dry. Depending on the cotton count, placing your uniform in the dryer can cause some unexpected shrinkage. If you can’t avoid using the dryer, fix your setting to low heat tumble dry no minimize chance of shrinking

I just joined a club and I need sparring gear, what kind of gear do I need?

Most clubs will have sparring gear on hand for the student to purchase. The reason here is not to gouge the student or parents for money, but to ensure they are protected properly as safety is always a priority. If you need to purchase outside of your club, ask your instructor for advice on the different brands available and where specifically to purchase them from.  Most retailers will help you to the best of their ability, but with various forms of sparring and gear requirements, it can prove, at times difficult. So come armed with as much information possible to ensure you’re provided with the right equipment.

What is the difference between cloth, vinyl foam and leather equipment?

There are many differences between these types of materials used for general sparring equipment. A. Cloth tends to be the more economical form of sparring protection but in most cases offer minimal-moderate protection. Don’t forget, that cloth can get smelly and have its color fade due to the sweat retention B. Vinyl foam gear can offer you medium protection while still being a cost effective form of equipment and is a very popular choice in many traditional forms of martial arts. C  Although the more expensive material used of the 3, leather sparring products mainly offers you maximum protection and durability. This tends to be the choice of intermediate to advanced athletes.