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Can Posture affect Performance?

In any sport a slight physical edge can make all the difference in the world. In most sports the elite are separated from the amateurs by mere seconds or inches. MMA is no different. Any physical advantage over your opponent can go a long way.

The demanding nature of MMA requires extreme skill, timing, enduring and strength. Going the distance in an MMA fight is no easy feat. It requires excellent lung capacity. Most top fighters incorporate vigorous cardiovascular(endurance) training as part of their regular training routine to ensure they have some ‘gas’ left in the tank late in the fight. What many people don’t realize is that something as simple as our posture can drastically affect our cardiovascular output. Studies have shown that poor posture in the neck and shoulders can lower lung capacity by up to 30%. Essentially this means that all other things being equal a fighter with poor posture will be at a significant disadvantage to a fighter with good posture.

The diagram below shows what ideal posture should be? Many people develop postural problems as a result of years of repetitive strain. Even excessive use of texting on cell phones has been show to negatively affect our posture. So what are some things a fighter can do to improve posture? It’s not merely a matter of sitting up straighter or being more aware. Many postural problems have taken years to develop and they may take some time to correct. The best way to assess your posture and performance is to be evaluated by a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist. Yoga and specific strength training have been shown to effectively improve posture in some people. More information on posture, performance and health can be found on our website.

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Dr. Tomek Pajak BSc. D.C
Active Life Chiropractic Wellness Clinic
Maple Ridge B.C.